Leadership Modules

Many front line and service managers end up in leadership roles without being fully prepared. They have to learn how to lead and manage whilst leading and managing.

Fostering Change run a modular leadership programme, designed specifically for front-line team leaders in health and social care.

The modules cover a wide range of leadership and management skills, values and knowledge. All the modules are highly interactive and focus on participant’s real-world experiences.

The training is based on evidence and learning from world-class leaders and scholars. It is written and delivered by an award-winning service manager with over 25 years experience managing teams in health and social care.

Each module lasts between an hour and half a day, and has both theoretical and practical content. A day’s training can be constructed from three or four modules.

A brief summary of some of the modules is below. We can create customised, bespoke modules depending on your needs. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

They’re Looking at You

  • What staff expect of leaders and managers
  • Tailoring your leadership style to suit your staff
  • Understanding and developing the motivation and values of staff
  • Recognition and empowerment of staff

Managing with Power and Grace

  • Understand use of power in a leadership context
  • Develop a constructive use of power to achieve success
  • Are able to develop their ability to use power to get the best from people
  • Managing their personal state

Leading People, Managing Things

  • Differences between leadership and management
  • Understand how well-led staff do not need managing
  • Getting on top of the things that need to be sorted
  • Organisational skills
  • Creating excellent performance through effective leadership
  • Understand how managing people doesn’t often lead to excellence

Communication and Presentation Skills

  • Be able to present complex information clearly in different settings
  • Present themselves with confidence as a manager
  • Be confident when raising matters of concern at an early stage;
  • Ensure communication is clear
  • Develop confidence and skills in delivering presentations

Personality and Leadership

  • Understand how personality affects our leadership style
  • Understand how difference in personality can create conflict and miscommunication
  • Develop skills for turning conflict into creativity

Leading and Managing Change

  • Creating a compelling vision for change
  • Understanding and overcoming resistance
  • Understanding different types of change
  • Developing strategies for leading and managing change
  • Tools for implementing and monitoring change

Leading Performance

  • Understanding why people are motivated to perform
  • Leading good quality performance
  • Recognising and interpreting poor performance
  • Why “Performance Management” doesn’t work
  • Improving performance with coaching and empathy

Turning Difficult Conversations into Successful Conversations

  • Handle difficult  conversation with colleagues, direct reports, partners, and service users
  • Understand and consider how individuals may respond emotionally or defensively
  • Understand how people react to conflict and be able to manage their own emotions
  • Develop confidence to tackle concerns promptly before situation escalate
  • Use good communication techniques for successful outcomes


  • Why and when to delegate
  • How to delegate
  • Avoiding micromanagement
  • Avoiding re-delegation
  • The Five Rights of effective delegation


  • Conduct effective meetings with team members and partners
  • Deciding if a meeting is really necessary
  • Effectively preparing for meetings
  • Facilitating meetings to achieve the desired outcome
  • Following up after meetings

Fees for delivery of the Leadership modules start at £500 per day for up to 16 participants, excluding travel and venue costs.

Fees for the design of bespoke packages start at £250 per module.