Trauma Training

Our trauma-based training helps to incorporate trauma-informed care into service design and delivery.

The training is suitable for front line staff, including clinicians, carers, foster carers and social care staff. It will also be useful for service managers in incorporating trauma-informed principles into the design of their service.

Research on Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma-Informed Care is highlighting that we need to rethink many of the assumptions that are embedded in the design and delivery of care services.

Below is a selection of trauma-informed training that we can offer. We can tailor any training to suit your needs. All training is designed and delivered by an experienced mental health professional and ex-foster carer.

Beyond Safeguarding and Child Protection

  • Effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma on the Brain
  • How Adverse Childhood Experiences affect Personal Development
  • Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Inequalities
  • Research into Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Implications of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Safeguarding and Child Protection

Trauma-Informed Foster Care/Children’s Homes

  • The Adverse Childhood Experiences of Children in Care
  • How Trauma Affects a Child’s Development and Functioning
  • Principles of Trauma-Informed Care
  • Being Therapeutic Without Being a Therapist
  • How to Put Trauma-Informed Care into Practice

Trauma-Informed Adult Mental Health Services

  • How Adverse Childhood Experiences Impact on Adult Mental Health
  • Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences in Adults
  • Principles of Trauma-Informed Care
  • Design of a Trauma-Informed Service
  • Implications of Trauma-Informed Care for Service Delivery
  • Benefits of Trauma-Informed Care for Clients

Trauma-Informed Public Health

  • Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Child Development and Functioning
  • How the Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences are Experienced Long into Adulthood
  • Impact of Trauma on Social and Health Inequalities
  • Trauma and the Inverse Care Law
  • Prevention and Early Intervention in Adverse Childhood Experiences and Childhood Trauma
  • Implications for Public Health Policy, Intelligence and Practice


Please note, that we do not offer training in trauma-specific therapy. Our trauma training is for clinicians and care staff who want to incorporate trauma-informed principles into their practice, whatever their field.

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